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Mike Stern Plumbing is a team of passionate, hardworking, and experienced plumbing experts. We believe everyone deserves to live in safe homes, which is why we provide emergency services. We offer drainage stoppage, hydro jetting, toilet installation, and garbage disposal services. Our professional team has the experience needed to get your home back up and running!

Our plumbers in Northridge are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Even on Christmas Day! Northridge plumbing problems are common, but we are here to help. Whether you need a Northridge plumber for your drainage problems or toilet installation – you can be sure that our highly skilled and experienced technicians will find a solution for you. In addition to providing top-notch plumbing Northridge homeowners can count on, we make sure to provide residents of Northridge plumbing solutions with a customized approach. Mike Stern Plumbing is a reputable provider of plumbing Northridge folks can trust to be the best. When you want the best plumber Northridge has to offer, call us! Each of our team members has over 14 years of experience delivering high-end plumbing services in homes across the state. So if you need plumbers in Northridge CA for installations or repair, it’s time to call Mike Stern Plumbing and put your troubles to rest.

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We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service. If you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll return for free! No matter what kind of problem you are facing, Mike Stern Plumbing will send a team of highly experienced and skilled plumbers in Northridge CA to get things under control again. 

We take all of the frustration and stress out of plumbing problems for you. We are the best plumber Northridge CA has to offer, and our team provides quality service every time you use us. We also do not charge extra travel time fees and our rates and prices remain the same all year long.

Experts in Plumbing Northridge Residents Have Been Looking For

Mike Stern Plumbing is a leading name in the field of plumbing, offering quality workmanship and affordable services to all its customers. All homeowners have faced some kind of plumbing problem in their homes at one point. Our company ensures that you receive immediate assistance when you call for the top plumbers Northridge CA has available. We also provide free quotes, so feel free to ask any questions to understand better what your installation project will cost you before we start working on it.

 Northridge is not only famous for its beautiful houses, clean streets, and good schools. For plumbing repair needs, the area holds many plumbers also. One of them is Mike Stern Plumbing. Established in 1979, we are one of the oldest plumbing services companies in Southern California, with over 30 years of experience in providing plumbing services to homes in the area. We have a vast majority of clients in Northridge because of our focus on reliable plumbing services. 

When you are faced with any problem related to your drainage system, reach out for the assistance of an exceptional plumber Northridge folks can count on. Our hydro jetting machine is one of the best in the industry and we can unclog kitchen sinks, toilets, and other drains quickly. We also offer trenchless drain replacement for broken or damaged pipes as well. The process simply involves digging a small hole at both ends instead of digging an entirely new underground line just to fix a broken part!

When you want the best plumber Northridge CA can provide to unclog a garbage disposalcall us. Grease is the usual problem behind clogged garbage disposal units. We can help get your garbage disposal working again in no time.

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A Highly Skilled and Well-Trained Plumber Northridge Homeowners Can Count On

Over time, you may find your toilets not flushing correctly or dripping water from the base of the tank. We are experts at fixing all kinds of toilet issues with ease!  Whether it’s leaky valves, faulty flappers, slow running tanks, or noisy refill alarms, we have the solutions for every household plumbing issue. And our prices are never hidden, so contact us today and get a free estimate on all the work!

We have a fleet of trucks that help us reach all areas in Northridge in no time. We also have the modern plumbing tools and equipment needed to efficiently complete a wide variety of plumbing tasks. In addition, we are the plumbers Northridge CA residents have relied on for years, as our team has the skills and experience required to do any job, from simple repairs to major installations. So whether you have clogged toilets, slow-running drainages, or leaking faucets, contact Mike Stern Plumbing today for fast service at reasonable rates!

When you are looking for a plumber in Northridge CA, the number one reason to hire Mike Stern Plumbing is quality of work. Mike Stern has been in business for over 30 years and is committed to excellence from customer service to finished product. We are committed to quality and excellence. Whether you need your kitchen sink unclogged, new garbage disposal installed, or you want to upgrade an old system with a new tankless water heater, Mike Stern Plumbing delivers outstanding service. Don’t get stuck with poor quality products. Mike Stern has the brands you know and trust, like Moen, Delta, Kohler, Danze, and Hansgrohe.

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What Our Customers Say
Roxy Mata
Roxy Mata
Mike Stern has been my reliable GoTo after I got referred to them through a friend. I have never looked back. They have time and again come to the rescue and resolved my plumbing issues with ease and confidence I need from a plumbing company. They most recently fixed an issue I worried about for over a year within 2 hours confirming my trust is well placed.
rick smith
rick smith
I have used these folks more than a few times. They show up when they say and do the job very professional, I could not be happier with the level of professionalism.
Sean Levi
Sean Levi
My grandmother used this company to fix some problems she was having in a spare bathroom. She had a leak under the sink and a problem with the toilet. He knocked the wall out under the sink and went under the house to replace the leaking pipe He said fixed the issues with the toilet. Great. BUT the quality of work that was done to repair the wall he knocked out was pathetic. My grandmother, being 87, couldn't bend down to inspect the work and I was unable to get the day off from work to assist her. Unfortunately, when I was able to come over and check on it, the wall had already dried and was completely starting to crack and flake off. It looks like a child playing with play-doh tried to shove stuff in the wall and around the pipe for a quick fix. He said he left a hole in the wall for her in case she needed to ever get back there. Why? I have no idea what he was thinking. We don't need a hole in the wall under the sink... Here are the pictures of the disaster under the sink. Hopefully this is resolved quickly. I will be calling first thing tomorrow morning. Update: I rushed off to work Monday morning and forgot to call on behalf of my Grandmother. I was pleasantly surprised that when I came over after work, the original tech had already called to apologize about the quality of work done and explained he would be out Tuesday to repair the patch work. It was fixed quickly and correctly. We are all human, mistakes happen. BUT It looks 10 times better. Thank you guys for being humble enough to apologize and correct your error. It's not common these days. Grandma is happy. I am happy. She said she will be willing to use you again for any plumbing needs.

The Best Plumbers in Northridge

We offer the unique plumbing Northridge CA residents need for customers struggling with drain service problems. For example, we have special tools to quickly find where the stoppage is occurring within the drain line to cut away tree roots or pinpoint a misaligned crack in the mainline. These cutting-edge tools, along with our knowledge and years of experience, assure our customers that they are receiving the best possible plumbing Northridge CA has to offer.

The plumbing industry is an ever-evolving field, but there are certain things you should look for when hiring any plumber. You should ensure you’re hiring the most experienced Northridge plumber available, with a team that has undergone extensive training to keep themselves up-to-date on new advancements in the industry. That way you can feel confident knowing your problems will be fixed quickly and efficiently every time! Mike Stern Plumbing has its own dedicated staff of engineers, mechanics, truck drivers, and office workers committed to providing excellent service and creating strong customer relationships.

Mike Stern Plumbing is a clear choice if you’re looking for a plumber in Northridge CA. We can handle any job, from plumbing to water heaters, and have the experience and knowledge to get the job done right. When you need a plumber in Woodland Hills our staff is adept at fixing all makes and models of garbage disposals, tubs and sinks, toilets and bidets, water treatment systems, and more.

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